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Privacy Policy for mpgk.in

Our website address is: http://mpgk.in/

Government schemes of India, current affairs, and biography of important people of India and abroad are published on this website.


This [http://mpgk.in/] website does not collect or claim to collect your personal data in any way. Comment data posted by you on this [http://mpgk.in/] website is not used in any way.


If you comment on the http://mpgk.in/ website, you can select your personal name, your email address, and the website option in cookies. This is only for your convenience so that whenever you make any other new comment on this website you are not required to fill in the details again.


Adsense company ads will be displayed on this website [http://mpgk.in/], which is the best, best, and most trusted advertising company in the world.

How long do we keep your data?

If you comment on this [http://mpgk.in/] website, your comment may remain in place indefinitely.